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Screen Consultants B.V.

The Screen Group of companies offers a range of specialized services and solutions for the professional Financial Services Industry.

At the foundation of the company, Screen has developed a unique consultancy practice that has made Screen THE global leader for Market Data consultancy. In addition Screen has developed a specialization for selecting and implementing state of the art software and solutions for the Financial Services Industry. Business Process Management for this niche market segment is a core area of expertise.

To inform the Financial Services Industry of new vendors and industry trends, Screen has been organizing one day trade shows, Screen Events, for the last 17 years.

The offering is completed with a suite of in-house developed and supported software solutions, INFOmatch, to create cost transparency and allow professional vendor management.

The labels that represent this unique suite of complementary services are Screen Consultants, Screen Markets and Screen INFOmatch.

Market Data Cost & Contract Management

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